Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Get Your Free T-Money Card from Discover Korea Your Way Giveaway Promotion!

Are you going to visit Korea soon within this year?


KTO (Kuala Lumpur office) is having a special giveaway promotion for FREE & EASY Malaysian travelers!

And this promotion is only for Malaysians who are going to Korea without using package ye... for those who will travel using package, sorry it's a no no yep hehehehe ^^

What kind of items will you get with this promotion?

  • FREE Limited Edition Imagine Your Korea Big Bang T-Money Card
  • Special discount coupon for Gapyeong City Tour and others more valuable coupons!

*terms and conditions apply

Me want the Limited Edition Imagine Your Korea Big Bang T-Money card please!

So if you want to know more details on this, click the link below okay!

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Wanna Meet Up with the K-Pop Stars?


For those who are currently in Korea, there are meet and greet events with the K-pop stars that will be happening soon! This will be organized by the Mnet MWAVE!

So, for this month (May 2015), which artists will be featured for the MWAVE's Meet & Greet session?

  • HOTSHOT (13 May 2015)

Check out their new song called 'Watch Out'!

The song is really catchy! I like it! So if you wanna go to their Meet & Greet event, click HERE for the details ok!

  • OH MY GIRL (18 May 2015) 

They are a new group that just debut recently. Check out their debut song called 'Cupid'!

The song is kinda cute and I like the dance! Click HERE if you wanna go to their Meet & Greet event!

  • A.CIAN (19 May 2015)
A.Cian is back with a new song called 'Driving'!

Auww! I'm lovin' this song! It makes me feel happy! So, if you wanna join their Meet & Greet event, click HERE to know how!

  • UNIQ (26 May 2015)
 UNIQ is back with a more swagger song called 'EOEO'!

This song is so swag!! I really like this one! If you want to meet them at the Meet & Greet session, click HERE for the details! Eo Eo Eo.. omg it's addictive!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Internet in Korea: Get Your Wifi Router (Wifi Egg) from WIYO!



Staying connected with my loved ones and internet while travelling abroad is very important to me! And since Korea is well-known for its super fast internet connection, it is weird if I could not enjoy the facility while im in Korea. 

Like yeah, right?

I've tried a few types of wifi router from different telco companies in Korea before (such as KT and LG U+) and YES, having a wifi router with me throughout the days when I'm in Korea did help me to enjoy the country to the fullest! It is true that different telco provides different types of service (and personally i prefer LG U+ over KT! Not trying to be biased here but yeah a girl just got to make her choice of preference too, right? HAHAH).

I came across this new wifi router provider service from WIYO ( a wireless communication company with offices in Hong Kong and Malaysia) while I was surfing the net and I'm like, hey this one is not bad! 

Check out their promo video!

I can just book the wifi from the website, and then choose the delivery method (you can either collect it by yourself at their office or if you are a lazybum like me (HAHAHA!), you can choose for them to deliver it at your preferred address! AWESOME!) and provide refundable deposit of RM 200, and I'm good to go! WOW! So easy! 

And no credit card needed for this! (in Korea, you need to have a credit card as a guarantee when you want to rent the wifi router). OH YEAH!!!!!

The WiFi router (wifi egg) device that I got from Wiyo

From my personal experience with the service from WIYO, I found out that it was very useful and satisfying! I can stay connected up until before the plane took off which was very convenient for me! I returned the device only when I'm already back in Malaysia, cool huh?

I personally recommend this to those who are in Malaysia and will be travelling to Korea (or other countries too!) , if you want a hassle free and awesome wifi router provider service, try to check out WIYO yup! 

WIYO can be reached at

Hope my review on their service will help you in enjoying your holiday to the fullest! ^^


Right now there is a special discount promotion from WIYO to all travelers that will be travelling to Korea soon! 

A 10% OFF for the pocket wifi rental discount voucher! OMG where to get it?!?!?!

You can get the coupon from Korea Plaza (Korea Tourism Organization in Malaysia) and just click HERE for more details about it yup!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

KTO 4th K-Supporter Welcoming Party

WOW! 오랜만이야! Long time no see! 

It has been awhile since the last time I post something on my blog! SORRY! 미안!

How are you been doing? Hope everything is fine whenever and wherever you are!
My life has been hectic, up and down (위아래....위아래 ㅋㅋㅋ) ^^ hahahah..

This time I would like to share with you about an event that I went when I was in Seoul (oh yeah!)

KTO 4th K-Supporter Welcoming Party @ VIPS (one of the best buffet restaurant in Seoul!)

Yep! The title said it all!

For your information, K-Supporter is a program organized by Korea Tourism Organization where it is meant to gather the foreigners from all over the world to experience events/performances/festivals in Korea for free! Yep! (we have to promote about it of course hehehehe!).

So from this K-Supporter program, we, the selected K-Supporters will experience the events first and then from there we will share it with others our feedback. Awesome right? Thank you KTO! ^^

It has been the 4th year for this program and the welcome party was to welcome all of the K-Supporters (old and new!) that have been recruited by KTO! On that night, we were joined by the Director of Event Team, Mr Ock Jong Ki (옥종기), Mr Jang Min Jun (장민준) and also Ms HyeonA Kim.

The event venue was located at Jongro Cinecoa VIPS (Level 2). It is also the same building as for the non-verbal performances such as BiBAP & SACHOOM!

The entrance to VIPS!

The welcome area. Looks so classy!

Look at all the K-Supporters! 

The buffet area which was so cool!

Welcome Speech by the Director of Event Team, Mr Ock Jong Ki (옥종기)

The emcee for that night, Mr Jang Min Jun (장민준)!

Hungry and can't wait to eat!

K-Supporters from all over the world!

Variety of food to choose!


The K-Supporters that shared the same table with me! It was nice to know all of you!

I swear the fries was the best I have ever tasted in my life! It has sweet sauce that I am yet to figure it out!

The K-Performance Supporters banner. Proud to be one of them!
Check out the video of the venue below!

After the awesome dinner (OMG I ate alot! My diet was gone for that night! HAHAHA!), we went to Level 3 to watch a dance musical performance called SACHOOM (댄스뮤지컬 사춤).

Beyond Dancing: Dance Musical SACHOOM

FYI, “Sachoom” is a nonverbal dance musical that can be appreciated by all generations from all countries, as it presents a simple plot full of various dance genres including hip-hop, jazz, contemporary dance, break dancing, and more! How cool is that?!?

It was my second time watching the performance and I got to admit that the performance was getting better and funnier! I was on focus for the whole time! 

SACHOOM's merchandise area! 

Was filled with anticipation!

One of the K-Supporters was being called up to be on the stage and interact directly with the Sachoom actors! It was so funny!

All of the actors and actresses of Sachoom! It was super awesome! DAEBAK!

The line up casts for Sachoom and we got to watch the SA Team for that night!
Check out the video below to get a sneak peak about the show.

Wanna see more of it?
Book your ticket now HERE and come and enjoy it together with the casts of SACHOOM!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Favorite K-POP Quote

"People with good hearts are the ultimate winners" - Seohyun of Girls' Generation a.k.a SNSD 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Unforgettable K-Pop Night!

안녕하세요! Hello all! I'm back again after quite some time! (>.<) I'm sorry for always been M.I.A (Missing In Action) Huihuihui 미안해요!

Anyway, for this time entry I would like to share with all of you about an event that I went to recently in Seoul, South Korea. Yeah, you heard me, S-E-O-U-L = Seoul! The place where the K-Pop world was born! Wohoo! Gosh I am so excited right now even while I'm writing this entry! Teeheehee! *please excuse my excited feelings as I am always like this* v(>.<)v

Alright, I better cut the nonsense input PRONTO! Hehehe.

FYI, I have been selected as one of the K-Performance Supporter under the Event Team of Korea Tourism Organization . As for that,  I have received an invitation from them to attend a "Thank You & Welcome Party" at Gangnam K-POP Concert Hall that was held on 5th April 2013 ! WOAH! *monkey dance moves activated* .. 

Even though I am currently still living in Malaysia (since I will only going to live in Seoul probably after September 2013).. I just got to take this chance once and for all since I know that this kind of opportunity will be for selected individual only. So yeah, I flew all the way from Malaysia on the 3rd April 2013 to Seoul, South Korea just to attend the event! Do you think I was crazy for doing it? I think I am but I don't care because this is what I always wanted to participate myself into. Oh yeah! *fist punch \m/.\m/*

*To infinity and beyond!*

This event was held to welcome the new K-Performance Supporters for Season 2 and also to appreciates all of the hard works of K-Performance Supporters for Season 1 ! WOAH! And want to know more? There was even a K-POP Concert for all the members to enjoy after the party! DOUBLE WOAH! 

Just an extra information for you...*teeheehee I like to share any info if I have one so just bear with me, OK?* ... FYI, The Gangnam K-POP Concert Hall is usually for new K-POP Stars to perform and show their talents to the audience! And upon knowing about this, I was jumping happily because I am a K-POP fan! You can even call me a K-POP fanatic because that's what I am hehehe \(>.<)/

On the day of the event, I arrived quite late (well, maybe about 20 minutes late? HAHA) since I was lost in searching for the event venue building! But thank goodness I've met 4 lovely ladies that were in the same situation as I was! So we went to search for the building and managed to find it after asking people around... YAY! 

*These were the 4 lovely ladies that I met on my way to the event venue*

And my goodness, the event left me speechless since I didn't expect it to be so grand-looking! The organizer even gave me my own name tag! The tables were arranged very nicely and the food were Korean Style Buffet! I was even mesmerized when I saw all of the other event members! Everybody came from all parts of the world! Also, I got to meet Nur Thania, Rabeah Adawiyah, and Hassan Abid (he came late so no picture of him ^^) for the first time at the event! 

*I was amazed!*

*The dinner was so fabulous!*

*I have my own name tag! Love it!*

During the dinner party time, there was a speech given by the Korea Tourism Organization's representative in Korean. The representative speech gave me motivations to be a best K-Performance Supporter! I felt more motivated after a Season 1 K-Performer Supporter, Mr Fakhar Khan from Pakistan received the winning prize worth of KRW 500,000.00 for his hard work! Oh my, that is sure a lot of money! We were then took some group photographs with all of the members together with the Korea Tourism Organization's staffs *teeheehee everybody was trying hard to squeeze into the picture (>.<)*

*The speech podium stage*

*The KTO's representative giving his speech*

*This is WE (Photo Credit to: Rabeah Adawiyah)*

Anyway, I was so excited with everything until I forgot to eat the food that I put on my table! *when everyone else was hurriedly to the concert hall after the dinner party, I was still trying to finish my meal in a rush accompanied by my friend, Rabeah Adawiyah. Hehe thank you dear!*

*I almost forgot to eat my food! HAHA!*

We were been given a ticket by the organizer as we need it to enter the concert hall. At this point, I was super excited and was so ready to have fun throughout all of the performances! 

*The concert entrance ticket given by the staff (Photo Credit to: Rabeah Adawiyah)*

*The view of some of the audience for that night*

Anyway, below were the line-up of artists for that night:

  • ARIA

*This is ARIA and I really love their music!*

  • F1RST


*This is F1RST. They were so good! Love their songs! 


*This is N-Sonic. Their dance moves were awesome!*

  • GORILLA CREW (B-Boy Dance Group)

*This is one of the members of GorillaCrew B-Boy dance group. They danced so fast ! I was lucky to snap this pose i think HAHA!*


*I am super in love with these girls especially the middle one! They were so friendly & even acknowledged me when I sang the last part of the 'Shabang Shabang' song hehe*

  • G-IAM

*This group is an eye-catcher! Wink ! Wink!*

Seriously, I had so much fun during all of the performances! I even sat on the carpet floor just to take good videos and pictures! And I shifted my seating place from the left side of the stage to a front stage seat just to get a closer view of all of the fun time! At the front stage seat, I was sitting next to Rebecca Bredin and both of us were really enjoyed and laughed a lot throughout the night! 

As for the performers, for me they were all very friendly and were trying their very best to interact with the audience which was good. Even though there was a bit of a language barrier challenge moment to some of the performers, I shall salute them for their determination in giving the best performance to the audience! *ClapClapClap* I hope they will be well-recognized in the K-Pop industry soon just like their seniors! ^^

*Some of the new friends that I've met at the event. Here in this picture are Rabeah Adawiyah , Nur Thania, Lolyta and others ^^*

*A souvenir given by Korea Tourism Organization. Thank you KTO!*

Overall, Awesome Venue, Delicious Food, Good People, Fabulous Performances ... what else could I  ask more? That night was a blast! I had super fun with my new friends and gained a lot of new experiences too! *I even left my jacket and my mobile phone cover in the concert hall! Thank God both items were still there when I went back into the hall to check about it! HAHAHA!* 

Til we meet again on my next event! Lots Of Love! (>.<)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Humble Bread Pudding

안녕하세요! Hello all! Happy New Year ! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

오모, we are already in the month of March! Wow, it seems that time has passed us very fast! How are you all been doing? I hope everybody is doing fine!

It's been awhile since the last time I updated my blog! 미안 해요! ^^

Anyway, I have tons of recipes to post on this blog, but this entry is one of it! Let's check it out!

My Humble Bread Pudding

(A) Main Ingredients

Wholemeal Bread/White Bread
Marmalade Jam

(B) Ingredients for the Custard Milk

3 cups of Milk (make sure it's warm)
1 tablespoon of Butter
1 teaspoon of Vanilla Beans
2 tablespoon of custard flour

*mix all together*

(C) Ingredients for the Eggs Mix

3 Grade A Eggs
3 tablespoon of Sugar (can be adjustable according to own taste)
1 teaspoon of Vanilla Essence
1 teaspoon of Cinnamon Powder

*mix all together*

(D)Extra Ingredients

Sultana Kismis
Brown Sugar


1) Cut the sides of the bread nicely. Spread the butter and the jam on the bread.
2) Prepare the (B).
3) Prepare the (C).
4) Mix the (C) together with (B).
5) Arrange the bread in a baking container.
6) Put some Sultana Kismis and Brown Sugar on the first layer of the arranged bread.
7) Pour the Custard Egg Milk mix (B+C) on to the arranged bread. Make sure the bread are all soak into the milk.
8) Repeat step 5,6 and 7.
9) On the last layer of the arranged bread, sprinkle some more of brown sugar.
10) Put the baking container into the oven (pre-heat at 160 C for 10 minutes) and bake it for 15-25 minutes at 180 C. It is ready when the surface has turn into golden in color.

Check out below photos! (I know u may think that I've burned my bread pudding, but actually it's the effect of the brown sugar hehehe)


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Instant Black Bean Noodle (Jjajangmyun '짜장면')

Assalamualaikum! Ahn-nyeong-ha-se-yo! Hai all!

How are you doing ? It's already December! We are going to reach the 2013 soon! So, have you re-check your 2012 moments yet? Hehehe hope everybody had a great 2012 so far!

Anyway, today I would like to share an improvised instant noodle with you. Yeah, I-N-S-T-A-N-T... Just like you improvised your Maggi Mee. Hehehe.

I'm going to use the Nong Shim Chapagetti Chajangmyun noodle for this recipe. It is actually the instant version for the famous Black Bean Noodle or well known as Jjajangmyun.

Let's check it out!


1 packet of Nong Shim Instant Chapagetti Chajangmyun
1/2 cut of potato
1 tsp of potato starch flour / corn flour (mix it with some water)
1 cut of boneless chicken breast
1 tbsp of sweet plum sauce
1 tbsp of sweet soy sauce
1 tsp of sesame seeds
2 tbsp of sesame oil
1/2 cup of water
Some boiled vegetables (eg: beansprouts, tofu, mix vegetables etc)
Some grated vegetables (eg: cucumber, carrot etc)

*This recipe is for ONE (1) serving*


1)Cut the boneless breast chicken into cube. Mix the sesame seeds, sweet plum sauce and sweet soy sauce together with the chicken. Marinate it for about 10 minutes.
2)While waiting for the chicken to marinate, boil the Chapagetti Chajangmyun noodle in a boiled water together with the dried vegetables that come together in the packet for about 8 minutes or until the noodle is well-cooked.
3)Cut and slice the potato into thinly square bite size.
4)Boiled the 1/2 cup of water in a pot together with the potato.
5)Once it is boiled and the potato has become tender, put in the instant soup powder that comes together with the instant chapagetti chajangmyun. Mix it well. Put 1 tspn of potato starch water if the sauce is not thick enough.
6)As for the chicken, heat up a frying pan with the sesame oil. Stir-fry the chicken until it turns brown in colour.
7)If you wish to eat the noodle with some vegetables, boil some beansprouts, tofu, mix vegetables etc. You may also grated some of the cucumber or carrot if you want to.
8)Place the cooked noodle in a bowl. Put the sauce on top of it, some vegetables and then the chicken. Mix all together.

And try to eat it with Kimchi! YUMMEH!