Tuesday, April 28, 2015

KTO 4th K-Supporter Welcoming Party

WOW! 오랜만이야! Long time no see! 

It has been awhile since the last time I post something on my blog! SORRY! 미안!

How are you been doing? Hope everything is fine whenever and wherever you are!
My life has been hectic, up and down (위아래....위아래 ㅋㅋㅋ) ^^ hahahah..

This time I would like to share with you about an event that I went when I was in Seoul (oh yeah!)

KTO 4th K-Supporter Welcoming Party @ VIPS (one of the best buffet restaurant in Seoul!)

Yep! The title said it all!

For your information, K-Supporter is a program organized by Korea Tourism Organization where it is meant to gather the foreigners from all over the world to experience events/performances/festivals in Korea for free! Yep! (we have to promote about it of course hehehehe!).

So from this K-Supporter program, we, the selected K-Supporters will experience the events first and then from there we will share it with others our feedback. Awesome right? Thank you KTO! ^^

It has been the 4th year for this program and the welcome party was to welcome all of the K-Supporters (old and new!) that have been recruited by KTO! On that night, we were joined by the Director of Event Team, Mr Ock Jong Ki (옥종기), Mr Jang Min Jun (장민준) and also Ms HyeonA Kim.

The event venue was located at Jongro Cinecoa VIPS (Level 2). It is also the same building as for the non-verbal performances such as BiBAP & SACHOOM!

The entrance to VIPS!

The welcome area. Looks so classy!

Look at all the K-Supporters! 

The buffet area which was so cool!

Welcome Speech by the Director of Event Team, Mr Ock Jong Ki (옥종기)

The emcee for that night, Mr Jang Min Jun (장민준)!

Hungry and can't wait to eat!

K-Supporters from all over the world!

Variety of food to choose!


The K-Supporters that shared the same table with me! It was nice to know all of you!

I swear the fries was the best I have ever tasted in my life! It has sweet sauce that I am yet to figure it out!

The K-Performance Supporters banner. Proud to be one of them!
Check out the video of the venue below!

After the awesome dinner (OMG I ate alot! My diet was gone for that night! HAHAHA!), we went to Level 3 to watch a dance musical performance called SACHOOM (댄스뮤지컬 사춤).

Beyond Dancing: Dance Musical SACHOOM

FYI, “Sachoom” is a nonverbal dance musical that can be appreciated by all generations from all countries, as it presents a simple plot full of various dance genres including hip-hop, jazz, contemporary dance, break dancing, and more! How cool is that?!?

It was my second time watching the performance and I got to admit that the performance was getting better and funnier! I was on focus for the whole time! 

SACHOOM's merchandise area! 

Was filled with anticipation!

One of the K-Supporters was being called up to be on the stage and interact directly with the Sachoom actors! It was so funny!

All of the actors and actresses of Sachoom! It was super awesome! DAEBAK!

The line up casts for Sachoom and we got to watch the SA Team for that night!
Check out the video below to get a sneak peak about the show.

Wanna see more of it?
Book your ticket now HERE and come and enjoy it together with the casts of SACHOOM!